6345 S High StLockbourne, OH 43137 (614) 491-0235


Eastland Mall

About Us


Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-8:00pm 
Sunday: 12:00pm-6:00pm


Eastland Mall features the following services and amenities:

  • ATM
  • Children's Play Area
  • Lost and Found
  • Soft Seating Area
  • Stroller Rental
  • Wheelchair Rental
  • 24 hour Security

Mall Location

2740 Eastland Mall STE B 
(614) 861-3234

Anointed Touch 2740 A Eastland Mall· (614) 575-1239

Big DAHA 2734 Eastland Mall 614-863-6344

Remo Mens Wear 2750 Eastland Mall 614-868-9690

Champs 2748 Eastland Mall 614-575-1066

Body Jewel 2744 Eastland Mall 614-868-6900

Clarie's 2742 Eastland Mall 614-856-9226

Rainbow Shop 2712 Eastland Mall 614-866-8683

Padron DoJo Fitness 2708A Eastland Mall 614-636-6598

SX Apparel 2730 Eastland Mall 937-867-8282

Sue's Relax Station 2728 Eastland Mall 614-322-9070 or (614) 886-0959

Singh Jewelers 2722 Eastland Mall 614-619-6889

Underground by Journeys 2718 Eastland Mall 614-575-9844

Premier 7 2716 Eastland Mall 614-577-9955

Kids for Less 2714 Eastland Mall (614) 577-9955

Footaction 2713 Eastland Mall 614-759-8571

Valentino's 2709 Eastland Mall

D. Kings Jewelry 4242 Eastland Mall 614-866-3434

Global Jewels 4234 Eastland Mall 614-339-4452

Diamond Jewelers 2725 A Eastland Mall 614-619-6889

NV Urban Boutique 2721 A Eastland Mall 614-860-8486

Finish Line 2719 Eastland Mall 614-866-0168

Rylan Starr's Read & Play 2757 Eastland Mall 614-866-7936

Footlocker 2753 Eastland Mall 614-868-8971

Jimmy Jazz 2743 Eastland Mall 614-751-3761

NU Source 2741 Eastland Mall 614-501-4799

Hi Level Fashion 2739 Eastland Mall

RAZA 2737 Eastland Mall

Brow Bar 2731 Eastland Mall 614-856-2150

The Oil Bar 2729 Eastland Mall 614-501-9815

Lids 4231 Eastland Mall FC 614-577-1176

Flintridge Missionary Baptist Church 2757 S Hamilton Rd.

Bakers Table 4263 Eastland Mall 614) 759-8571

Cajun by Express 4257 Eastland Mall

Tropico Caribbean Grill 4251 Eastland Mall (614) 866-4034

Steak Escape 4243 Eastland Mall 614-860-9054

Evelyn's Table FC2 Food court 614) 759-8571

Added Touch 2748 A Eastland Mall 614-575-1239

Leather & More Kiosk

Eastland Gold & Diamonds

Cellairis Kiosk 614-501-1795

T&M Perfumes 614-577-1611

Cellutions 4224 Eastland Mall 614-721-2999

Solid Gold Kiosk

Buckeye Motor Sales/Layman Motors 2847 S Hamilton Rd (614) 694-2847

J&S Manufacturer Kisok

*Coming Soon *

Jones Fire Foods


Buckeye Grove Shopping Center 5.1 miles WNW
Great Southern Shopping Center 5.3 miles N
Southland Mall Shopping Center 5.3 miles N
Derby Square Shopping Center 6.3 miles NW
Grove City Plaza Shopping Center 6.7 miles NW
Southfield Shopping Center 6.7 miles N
Arlington Towers Shopping Center 7.7 miles NW
Broadway Shopping Center 7.7 miles NW
Berwick Plaza Shopping Center 8.2 miles NNE
Leader Square Shopping Center 9 miles NNE
Winchester Square Shopping Center 9 miles ENE
Southwest Square Shopping Center 9.1 miles NNW
Eastland Square Shopping Center 9.2 miles NE
Greater Columbus Antique Mall Shopping Center 9.2 miles N
Eastland Mall Shopping Center 9.4 miles NE
German Village Antique Mall Shopping Center 9.6 miles N
Crossroads East Shopping Center 9.7 miles NE
Central Point Shopping Center 9.8 miles NNW
Eastland Plaza Shopping Center 9.8 miles NE
Hamilton Hills Shopping Center 9.8 miles NE
Eastland Centre Shopping Center 9.9 miles NE
Demorest Road Shopping Center 10 miles NNW
City Center Mall Shopping Center 10.4 miles N
Georgesville Square Shopping Center 10.4 miles NW
Bexley Square Shopping Center 10.6 miles NNE
Franklinton Square Shopping Center 10.6 miles NNW
Livingston Court Shopping Center 10.6 miles NNE
Westview Shopping Center 11 miles NW
Scarborough Mall Shopping Center 11.3 miles NE
Westview Center Shopping Center 11.3 miles NW
Mount Vernon Plaza Shopping Center 11.4 miles N
Chantry Square Shopping Center 11.4 miles NE
Great Western Shopping Center 11.5 miles NNW
Brice Home Outlet Shopping Center 11.6 miles NE
Consumer Square West Shopping Center 11.6 miles NNW
Brice Park Shopping Center 11.7 miles NE
Consumer Square East Shopping Center 11.7 miles NE
Thurber Village Shopping Center 11.7 miles N
Brice Road Consumer Square Shopping Center 11.8 miles NE
Great Eastern Shoppers Mart Shopping Center 11.8 miles NNE
Great Eastern Shopping Center 11.8 miles NNE
National Road Plaza Shopping Center 11.8 miles NNW
Plaza West Shopping Center 11.8 miles NNW
West Broad Hills Shopping Center 11.9 miles NNW
Westland Mall Shopping Center 11.9 miles NW
York Plaza Shpping Center 11.9 miles NE
West Broad Plaza Shopping Center 12 miles NNW
Town and Country Shopping Center 12.3 miles NNE
Lincoln Village Plaza Shopping Center 12.4 miles NW
Bank Block Shopping Center 12.5 miles NNW
Westland Square Shopping Center 12.5 miles NW
Century City Shopping Center 12.6 miles NE
Carnaby Mall Shopping Center 12.7 miles NE
Hamilton Square Shopping Center 12.7 miles NNE
Blacklick Shopping Center 12.8 miles NE
Main 270 Shopping Center 12.9 miles NE
Pickerington Square Shopping Center 13.2 miles ENE
Indianola Shopping Center 13.4 miles N
Ohio Stater Mall Shopping Center 13.5 miles N
Reynoldsburg Shopping Center 13.9 miles NE
Taylor Square Shopping Center 14 miles NE
Lane Avenue Shopping Center 14.1 miles NNW
Canyon Center Shopping Center 14.2 miles NE
Greentree Plaza Shopping Center 14.3 miles NE
Blacklick Plaza Shopping Center 14.7 miles NE
University City Shopping Center 14.7 miles N
Tremont Center Shopping Center 14.8 miles NNW
Westpointe Plaza Shopping Center 14.8 miles NW

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